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We are aware of the fact that in the past fakes of the products ‘Rush’, ‘Locker Room’, ‘PWD’ and ‘Pop’rs’ have been delivered and were put in circulation. We regret this and can guarantee that our company delivers only original products. If you would like to know how to distinguish original products from fakes, just follow this link: http://www.rushbrands.at/real.htm

The term ‘Poppers’ is referring to aromatic substances. Examples are ‘Rush’, ‘Push’ or ‘Jungle Juice’, which have different ingredients and are sold in sex shop, bars, saunas as well as in online shops.

Generally, it is a volatile, yellow-brown, when in contact with air evaporative liquid with a fruity odour. Nowadays Poppers are being used for many stimulating purposes.

Men and women, hetero- and homosexuals are using poppers to intensify both orgasm and anal sex, in combination with masturbation to have a longer orgasm.

The most popular Poppers are Push Incense, the well-known Rush, Reds – which come from England, Ram Liquid Aroma, Rave, Hardware Liquid Aroma and Jungle Juice. Apart from these, there are a lot more Poppers brands. They usually come in small, medium or large (30ml) brown bottles. In some sex bars, saunas or sex clubs, the bottles are left opened to fill the room with the odour.

Many researches have discovered that these products are very similar to aphrodisiacs. But bear in mind, there are no aphrodisiacs which create sexual lust. Sexual lust must already exist to be improved and enhanced by these products.

A lot of people report that, after consumption, they recognized a sensation of extreme ‘horniness’, combined with an uninhibited feeling and, as a result, they just succumbed to their own sexual lust. Many consider Poppers as the perfect sexual implement.

Any psychological effects vary from person to person and are therefore difficult to specify.

Poppers extend sexual perception, hence help to ease penetration while having anal sex. Effects are instantaneous and vary in duration. Many people report that their orgasm seemed enhanced and extended in duration.

To make clear, is has been proved that these products appear to be safe. There were some doubts about this, especially in the 80’s, when AIDS became popular. But nowadays, these doubts are being considered nonsense.

There is no evidence of any psychological or physiological effects linked to the responsible usage of Poppers.

Do not use Poppers and Viagra at the same time – it might be life-threatening!

Poppers are highly flammable – be cautious with lighters or cigarettes!

Do not drink Poppers - it could cause severe cauterization!

Avoid contact with skin, eyes and mucous membranes – otherwise it could lead to irritation and cauterization!

Despite general opinions, Poppers are non-perishable for several years, provided they remain unopened in their original package and are stored in the dark. Once opened and not used within 6-8 weeks, it could be hermetically sealed and stored in the refrigerator or in the freezer compartment.

After taking out of the refrigerator or freezer compartment, do not open the bottle immediately! Beware of the moist on the cold bottle, which will appear because of the contact between room temperature and the cold glass, condensing into the bottle (beer-glass-effect). If the moist contacts the liquid the aromatic substances will change in a bad smelling liquid after just a few weeks. So wait until the bottle adapted room temperature before opening it (But do not heat it – otherwise it will go BANG!). It’s worth all the waiting, because at room temperature, Poppers are far more intense than cold ones.

The differences in strengths between the various brands are sometimes remarkable, that’s why a lot of people stick to Push Incense, Orgasmus Liquid Incense or X Ultra Stong. Only the real, original sealed, brands are guaranteed to be clean. By the way, clean Poppers comes with a light, pleasant and aromatic fragrance!

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