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New Products

Fleshskins - Grip Blue Ice
  Blue Ice Grip is the perfect alternative to the classic Fleshlight. Surely your next session with Blue Ice will not b...
  59.90 EUR
  1 x 'Fleshskins - Grip Blue Ice' order

Fleshjack Boys: Allen King Butt Fleshjack - Majestic Texture
  The Spanish porn star, who truly loves every single position, has allowed the manufacturers of Fleshlight to create a...
  69.90 EUR
  1 x 'Fleshjack Boys: Allen King Butt Fleshjack - Majestic Texture' order

All Black Dildo 90 - Champagne Bottle Medium
  In the medium size you experience a pleasant stretching, making you crave the Magnum version after a while.
  39.90 EUR
  1 x 'All Black Dildo 90 - Champagne Bottle Medium' order

All Black Dildo 91 - Champagne Bottle Magnum
  This magnum size dildo fulfills all your wishes! Your hole will stretch and welcome every additional inch.
  49.90 EUR
  1 x 'All Black Dildo 91 - Champagne Bottle Magnum' order

Optimum Series - Magic Pump
  This elegant and durable penis pump with its excellent suction performance will increase your personal performance.
  49.90 EUR
  1 x 'Optimum Series - Magic Pump' order

Optimum Series - Get Hard Head Pump Set
  Train your stamina or give in to the suction effects and independent vibration levels. With this set you have everyth...
  49.90 EUR
  1 x 'Optimum Series - Get Hard Head Pump Set' order

Prison - Stainless Steel Penis Cage Deluxe
  Your eternal boner gets what it deserves - it has to go to prison. This way you will be able to suppress your erectio...
  59.90 EUR
  1 x 'Prison - Stainless Steel Penis Cage Deluxe' order

Tenga - Flip Orb - Orange Crash - Masturbator
  As you penetrate through perfectly positioned balls, countless pimples engage with each other for an entirely smooth ...
  59.90 EUR
  1 x 'Tenga - Flip Orb - Orange Crash - Masturbator' order