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Push Monster - Premium Silicone Anal Trainer Kit
29.90 EUR
Push Monster - Premium Silicone Anal Trainer Kit
Whether you are starting or continuing your anal training, man or woman, this premium kit of three butt plugs is made for you with its low price and high quality silicone. You can start slow with the small anal plug if you are a beginner, then continue with the medium plug and finally the large plug made to please advanced users and experts. Black, relatively small and very discrete, these sex toys are perfect for transport and travel, combining sturdy and sleek qualities for your anal and prostate pleasure only.

The Anal Trainer Kit is made for a secure use thanks to its phthalate-free, skin-safe, sleek and flexible silicone and its sturdy and large base, allowing an easy and secure handling of the plugs. This silicone is very smooth and soft, allowing for easy insertions, made even easier with the use of water-based lube. Silicone-based lubricant can deteriorate the delicate texture of the toys. The butt plugs are flexible and rigid at the same time, never lose their form, penetrate very easily thanks to their rounded tip and fit very nicely between your buttocks.

Before the first time and after each use, you can clean them with warm water and soap, and from time to time with a sex toy cleaner to keep the anal plugs in excellent condition. Once cleaned, let them dry in the open air and do not store them touching other silicone toys but store them separately. This Anal Trainer Kit is the best for slowly starting your anal stretching and prostate pleasure sessions.
Also contains: a sample of lube and toy cleaner.

Product details :

Small plug : Ins length: ca. 6,5 cm (2.5 inch) long and ca. 2,2 cm (1 inch) wide
Medium plug : Ins length: ca. 11,5 cm (4.5 inch) long and ca. 3 cm (1.1 inch) wide
Large plug : Ins length: ca. 12,5 cm (5 inch) long and ca. 3,5 cm (1.4 inch) wide
Material : phthalate-free soft-touch silicone
Compatible : water-based lube, condoms
Care : rinse with warm soapy water, let dry in open air
Color: black

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