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Pure for Men - 120 capsules
64.90 EUR
Pure for Men - 120 capsules

Enjoy 120 capsules of Pure For Men, the premium dietary supplement that keeps you ready and clean at all time by improving your digestive system. The vegan-friendly ingredients contain a blend of aloe vera, chia, flaxseed and psyllium that, once ingested with sufficient water, form a soft-but-solid mass in your digestive system. As the expanded fibers safely go through your system, they act as a sponge and bind all food particles and waste along the way, reducing the need for enema and douching.

As you start taking Pure for Men, you'll notice a big difference in what you produce on the toilets: it's more firm, everything is nicely packed together and in a clean fashion. You will feel cleaner and healthier, as Pure for Men can have beneficial effects on your heart by lowering cholesterol levels, blood pressure and the risk of heart diseases. Fiber-rich content taken before a meal give you the feeling of being full, helping you eat smaller meals and absorbing sugars. Finally, it helps soak up excess alcohol to prevent nasty hangovers after a crazy night out!

This pack of Pure For Men contains 120 capsules and is equivalent to 40 servings. The recommended daily amount is 3 capsules in the morning and 3 in the evening with plenty of water (470 ml are recommended with each taking for optimal effects).

Product details:
✓ Premium dietary supplement
✓ Improves your digestive system
✓ Vegan ingredients
✓ Can help reduce the need of douching
✓ Makes you feel cleaner and healthier

Content: 120 capsules
Ingredients: Psyllium husk powder, aleo vera leaf extract, black chia seed powder, flax seed powder