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Soft Touch Anal Masturbator Cup
19.90 EUR
Soft Touch Anal Masturbator Cup
The Anal Masturbator Cup is a wonderful toy made with Soft Touch material and ready to give you incredibly life-like sensations and orgasms!

With its tight little hole and a little bit of your favorite water-based lube, penetration is a breeze. The high quality material of the sleeve and the inner tunnel ensure that you'll live incredible sensations.

Masturbators are great for solo sessions but make an incredible tool for exciting foreplay sessions with your partner!

You can change the suction at the bottom of the cup at any moment and completely change your experience: leave it open and you'll slide through with a lot of ease, but if you keep it closed, the sucking effect will be that much more intense and you'll love the sensations!

Product details:
✓ Perfect replica of a sensual anus
✓ New Pure Skin material
✓ Practical and ribbed hard case
✓ Adjustable suction effect
✓ High quality material and realistic tunnel
✓ Body-safe
✓ Easy to clean

Total length: approx. 23.7 cm
Width: approx. 9.1 cm
Weight: approx. 550 g
Material: TPR, ABS
Color: black, light skin

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