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33.60 EUR 23.70 EUR
The second Summer Poppers Pack gets you our most popular and strongest poppers from our shop at a very special price so that poppers can bring you a lot of relaxation this summer for your gooning sessions.

The classic Rush is the most-sold poppers in the world and there's no wonder: it's the greatest poppers ever with an incredible isopropyl formula that will make your orgasms last longer and be more intense! Super Rush is both an improvement and a different sensation than the original Rush, as it is made of potent isopentyl nitrite for great relaxation and long-lasting sensations. The blue Push is our own creation for greater orgasms and strong lustful sensations.

When you order our Summer Pack, you'll also receive for free our brand-new exclusive best-seller the Amsterdam Revolution Poppers with its two incredible mega pellets and its super strong isopropyl nitrite formula for a rush of lust and an ocean of relaxation for your gooning sessions.

1 x RUSH POPPERS, 10 ml
1 x PUSH INCENSE, 10 ml
1 x SUPER RUSH, 10 ml

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