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Fetish Half Socks Twink
9.90 EUR
Fetish Half Socks Twink
As you know, tender boys are particularly popular in the scene. With Fetish Half Socks Twink you show everyone around you that you clearly fulfill this particular passion.

Two horizontal black stripes frame the blue lettering, which is clearly visible and legible. One look at the manufacturer's lettering and you'll know you're dealing with the original. With a cotton ratio of 80%, these socks are particularly breathable and thanks to their high elasticity they fit comfortably tight around your feet. The close-meshed manufacturing on the underside guarantees durability and protects your soles even when you're out and about for a longer time.

Just like the world-famous Twinkies, you are especially sweet and to make that clear to everyone, these socks make a visual statement.

Material: 80% cotton, 18 % polyamide, 2% elastane
Color: white, black

Barcode Berlin socks size chart

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