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OUCH! Silicone Bone Gag - Black
14.90 EUR
OUCH! Silicone Bone Gag - Black
The new Bone gag is in the form of a dogbone for all the submissive boys and girls out there who need a comfortable bone in their mouth. Made of smooth and high-grade silicone, it is phthalate- and latex-free and safe to bite in for when things get rough.

Fully adjustable thanks to the sturdy metal clasp, the total length with the straps is 62 cm (26"), perfect for any size of head and features two black bonded leather straps that fit comfortably and give this gag a luxurious feel.

Product details:

Length of straps: ca. 50 cm (ca. 19.6")
Length of bone: ca. 12 cm (ca. 4.7")
Diameter of bone: ca. 20 mm (ca. 0.07")
Material: silicone, bonded leather
Color: black

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