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Falcon - Reach Anal Douche
22.90 EUR
Falcon - Reach Anal Douche
This anal douche from Falcon is a great tool for your personal hygiene. Slightly angled with a gentle curve, even the high-volume reservoir is tapered for ease of use.

It is completely made of Phthalate-free TPE and features 9 perfectly placed holes for maximum cleanliess, also to the sides. Thus, the douche reaches all important places with ease.

Its screw thread is stable and leak-proof designed. With about 3 turns, the douche head can be screwed on and off.

Product details:
✓ Completely made of TPE
✓ Phthalate-free
✓ Big bulb
✓ Curved Head
✓ Perfectly placed holes
✓ Easy to clean
✓ Compatible with water-based lubricants

Length: approx. 27 cm
Insertable Length: approx. 14,5 cm
Bulb: approx. 12,5 x 7 cm
Head Diameter: approx. 1,8 cm
Material: TPE (Phthalate-free)

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