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Cockzilla - Black Realistic Cock 16.5 inch
69.90 EUR 49.90 EUR
Cockzilla - Black Realistic Cock 16.5 inch
Cockzilla is a super-realistic Dildo that carries his name correctly. With 31 cm insertable length and a diameter of 7.3 cm will he increase rapid your heartbeat and pulse. But also looks scary with lubricant he will be a slippery monster. Let yourself in on an extreme fulfilling adventure.

The dildo is made of realistic SensaFlesh material featured with an ultra-sticky suction cup to hold it down. It’s even harness compatible.

Length of shaft: approx. 31 cm
Total length: approx. 40 cm
Diameter: approx. 7.3 cm
Material: realistic SensaFlesh material - PVC

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